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Short web videos

Attract and retain web and social media visitors

Make your website and social media more effective


Connect better with, and convert, your prospects!


"Marketing videos help you get clients, sell products, and keep visitors on your site — according to Hubspot, 81% of buyers bought a product or service and 69% bought software after watching a marketing video!"
"20% of people read your website text, but
80% will watch your video!"
"Not using video in your marketing would be like having a physical store and only letting 1 out of 4 people inside…"

Attract Web Visitors with Videos

People may not want to explore your website but will welcome watching a
30-90 second video.
They like to:

  • Know more about you

  • See your one minute sales pitch - called a Video Business Card

  • See your process and end result

  • See a moving parade (fly-by) of your different product pictures

  • Time-lapse is interesting to watch as they see your work in progress

  • Sign Making

  • Clearing a basement

  • Building a deck

  • Making Resin Art, Wood turning

Google loves Video and videos improve your SEO ranking!

See some quick examples...

Here are some short marketing videos showing different styles. The animations can be customized with your message and images from your business.

Animated Photos

Turning magazine pages

Animated graphics, stills & video clips

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