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Photo Restoration

Let's bring your old photos back to life!


"Amazing creative work !!!  Heirloom restored !

Many Thanks",  JM

Preserve your family or group’s legacy

Old prints often contain precious memories captured long ago. Frequently the passing of time has left them sad - scratched, stained and torn. We can restore these old photographs digitally, so everyone can have pleasure in these old treasures.


We can restore both black & white images and color photos. Fixing water damage, cracks, fading, rips, scratches, mold and coffee stains. Furthermore, once we have created a cleaned up version of your image on the computer, we can create as many prints as you like and they will all look as good. We have options suitable for both digital and print albums. 


This would be a wonderful present for a 70th (40th, 50th, 60th) Wedding Anniversary or Birthday, Family Reunion, Military reunion, School reunion, and Celebrations of Life. Restore old photos for your album on family history, town/city/organization centennial, bicentennial and ordinations. Ancestry research is huge, but so many of the photos are from old books or the old sepia photo albums with faded pictures.


Show off these newly restored pictures in a new album for everyone to see. As the generations pass, so many memories are lost in this digital age and restoring these valuable images is a way to extend the legacy.

Actual Before and After Restoration Examples

Restored torn image from c. 1918

See the improvement - try the slider below!

Restored faded image from c. 1942

Restored faded image from c. 1930


Removed stains, creases, scratches, 

corrected tint and added a frame


Restored areas lost to extensive mold damage and fading. Tinted to consistent color


Restored large areas lost to extensive water damage and fading. Tinted to consistent color

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What they're saying


Completely amazing! Such careful effort and attention to detail!

Masterful, painstaking work! Outstanding job!

WOW! Amazing, beautiful work!!

Awesome job! Amazing recovery!

OUTSTANDING job! Stunning.

Wonderful restoration and a wonderful Christmas gift.

I did some retouching in photography school in the 80's, and I can speak from experience that Ken did an miraculous job recreating the details in this photo.

Free quote

Scan your image at 300 or 600 dpi and send it in for a quote. Otherwise we can also review your old print from a cell phone picture.

Your images are evaluated to see the severity and type of damage. Each picture is quoted individually based on the time spent and the skills that are required to restore the image.


Example pricing for restoration delivered as a digital file. Additional charge for making a print - depends on size requested

  • Basic Photo Restoration: repair small marks or rips on photos, brighten teeth, or remove a skin blemish. $40

  • Medium Photo Restoration: torn images, background color changes, basic removal of a person or object from a photo. $58

  • Advanced Photo Restoration: severely damaged or ripped images, advanced color fixes, or advanced removal of person or object from a photo. $65-90

  • Extreme Photo Restoration: Severe damage including removing a color cast and mold stains, recoloring picture elements. $110+


"Amazing creative work !!!  Heirloom restored !
Many Thanks",  JM


Act now - Before your treasured heirloom fades away!

Restore and preserve your legacy

Email a scan of your old photo,

or cell phone picture,

for a free restoration quote

Thanks! Message sent.

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