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Ken Williams

Innovative Product and Program Manager​

  • Successful Product Manager / Owner / Marketer in a demanding stage-gate & agile scrum high tech         New Product Development environment

  • Passionate about using latest technologies including multi-media and IoT

  • Evangelist researching and brainstorming new ideas. Driving implementation of innovative concepts

  • Excellent problem solving skills using initiative and attention to detail

  • Ensures creation of easily understood content by simplifying overly technical material

  • Excellent rapport by communicating well with engineering, designers, support, marcom and sales teams

  • Creating assets for product positioning, messaging, presentations, web pages, sales and technical videos. Experienced with Adobe Photoshop/After Effects and with video editing/production

"Ken is a respected Product Manager who works well with cross functional teams. A key quality is that he listens to the 'Voice of the Customer' enabling him to make sure product enhancements deliver what customers NEED rather than what design teams think they need. Ken delivers commitments on time or ahead of schedule and is always looking for innovative ways to solve problems or promote his product portfolio.  One example of this was his use of video to create promotional podcasts.

Ken is well traveled and has experience building relationships with people from different cultures. He has attended and presented at several international conferences and forums. Ken's manner and work ethics make him an asset to any team." - Paul B.

"I had the opportunity to work with Ken for many years. Ken is an excellent Technical Product Manager. He is always ready to help people with the industrial network technologies. Ken proposes and drives new successful products. He creates and defines solutions which match with customer requirements.


I recommend Ken - he’s ready to lead the way. A really good colleague and asset to any team!" - Patrick L.

Creative skills

"I had the privilege of working with Ken on several projects at Schneider Electric. His professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and openness to new ideas are just some of the reasons it was a privilege. He also respected all colleagues and co-workers creating a positive team environment.


He was very patient in explaining,teaching and mentoring me on marketing principles/subjects that I was unfamiliar with.
During our time working together I am very pleased to say that we have become very good friend, On a personnel level Ken is very compassionate, supportive and willing to lend a helping hand. 
I am proud and confident to say that Ken would be a great asset to any company or organization"  - 
David S.

What's Ken known for? See the survey results.
This 360° Reach anonymous feedback report shows how bosses and colleagues define Ken's attributes and skills. 

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